Nepalis in Israel advised to follow local security protocols- Embassy

KATHMANDU. The Nepali embassy in Tel Aviv has urged Nepalis in Israel to stay in safe locations.

Issuing an advisory after the Iran attack on Israel, the embassy issued a notice asking Nepalis to follow local security protocols, stay informed about updated information issued for their area and pay special attention to their safety.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Amrit Rai said the Nepali embassy in Tel Aviv has issued safety information to Nepalis in Israel. He said efforts were underway to gather information about the current situation there.

Last night, Iran carried out a missile and drone attack on Israel. After the attack, schools in Israel have also been closed.

Iran’s attack has increased the risk of the conflict escalating in the Middle East. Ten Nepalis were killed, while one is still out of contact when Hamas attacked Israel in October last year.

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